Creating a Company with Intention

On this episode, we speak with Morgan Babbs, CEO and Founder of Colibri. Through our conversation, she shares how she isn’t taking the freedom and ownership that she has as a founder lightly. She is building each piece of her company with clear intentions to change the status quo. Learn more about Colibri here:

How to Find the Be About It Podcast

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How to Build with Empathy for Diverse Consumers

I am so excited about this episode. I sit down with Jimmy Chen, CEO and Founder of Propel who shares some really interesting insights on how he built his company. After finding a really interesting problem with the UX/UI experience for food stamp recipients, he decided to build a company to support this market that holds 1/10 of the entire grocery market.

Learn more about Propel here:

Small Budgets, Big Dreams

In this episode, we learn from Julie Palakovich Carr – Co-founder and CEO of Victory Guide. She created this product when she was running for office to help her win. Now, she is launching it to empower candidates across the country who have small budgets, and big dreams. Learn more about Victory Guide here:

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This is How You Bootstrap

Check out this interview with Sky Kelley, the CEO of Avisare. Based in LA, Avisare is building a platform to connect small businesses to large contracts. It is redesigning the way the RFP process has been done in the past by building equity and access into the business from Day 1. In this episode, we chat about Sky’s entrepreneurship journey and how she grew her company from a single Indeed job post.

Learn more about Avisare here:

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Building a World We Hope to Live In

I had so much fun chatting with Cat Berman, the co-founder and CEO of CNote. As a 3x founder and former Charles Schwab executive, she has a rich background to build off of and with that creating such an innovative company. She has some amazing wisdom to share about how to build a career you love. She also shares her story around CNote and how they are able to provide such great returns for savers while re-investing in local economies. I hope you enjoy the show!


Tackling the 4th Leading Cause of Death

We’re so excited to chat with the Co-founder of Genetic Foresight, Matt Milford, on this week’s podcast. His company is tackling the 4th leading cause of death – adverse drug reactions. Thanks to Berkeley for introducing me to this awesome company – Genetic Foresight is currently a part of Berkeley’s Skydeck program.

Check out this week’s episode below. What do you think?

More info on Genetic Foresight:
Production by: Rachel Jones,
Artwork by: Kenneth Lim,

Giving Control Back to the Artist Using Blockchain

In this week’s episode of Be About It, I traveled all the way to NYC to meet with Beatriz Helena Ramos, CEO and Founder of Dada. I originally met her a few weeks ago at the Demo Day. I was blown away by her perfect articulation of the problem she’s solving and how she is using blockchain to solve it. As a artist herself, she knows how little value of the products artists create return back to the artists themselves. She is building the Dada application on blockchain to stop that.

Check out it out below and let me know what you think!

Thanks as always to my producer, Rachel Jones. You can find her on twitter @racheljones2014. Artwork above is courtesy of artists on the Dada platform.