Small Budgets, Big Dreams

In this episode, we learn from Julie Palakovich Carr – Co-founder and CEO of Victory Guide. She created this product when she was running for office to help her win. Now, she is launching it to empower candidates across the country who have small budgets, and big dreams. Learn more about Victory Guide here:

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This is How You Bootstrap

Check out this interview with Sky Kelley, the CEO of Avisare. Based in LA, Avisare is building a platform to connect small businesses to large contracts. It is redesigning the way the RFP process has been done in the past by building equity and access into the business from Day 1. In this episode, we chat about Sky’s entrepreneurship journey and how she grew her company from a single Indeed job post.

Learn more about Avisare here:

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Building a World We Hope to Live In

I had so much fun chatting with Cat Berman, the co-founder and CEO of CNote. As a 3x founder and former Charles Schwab executive, she has a rich background to build off of and with that creating such an innovative company. She has some amazing wisdom to share about how to build a career you love. She also shares her story around CNote and how they are able to provide such great returns for savers while re-investing in local economies. I hope you enjoy the show!


Tackling the 4th Leading Cause of Death

We’re so excited to chat with the Co-founder of Genetic Foresight, Matt Milford, on this week’s podcast. His company is tackling the 4th leading cause of death – adverse drug reactions. Thanks to Berkeley for introducing me to this awesome company – Genetic Foresight is currently a part of Berkeley’s Skydeck program.

Check out this week’s episode below. What do you think?

More info on Genetic Foresight:
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Giving Control Back to the Artist Using Blockchain

In this week’s episode of Be About It, I traveled all the way to NYC to meet with Beatriz Helena Ramos, CEO and Founder of Dada. I originally met her a few weeks ago at the Demo Day. I was blown away by her perfect articulation of the problem she’s solving and how she is using blockchain to solve it. As a artist herself, she knows how little value of the products artists create return back to the artists themselves. She is building the Dada application on blockchain to stop that.

Check out it out below and let me know what you think!

Thanks as always to my producer, Rachel Jones. You can find her on twitter @racheljones2014. Artwork above is courtesy of artists on the Dada platform.

Why I Decided to Become Pipeline Angels’ 1st VC-in-Residence

In September, I added another job to my title. I’m still the Investment Associate and Head of Ops at Precursor Ventures and have now joined Natalia Oberti Noguera and her team at Pipeline Angels as their first ever VC-in-Residence.

It started with a simple e-mail. I’m not yet an accredited investor, but I was inspired with what Natalia was building. So I filled out the Pipeline Angels application and included a short note about how excited I was to get involved wherever I could be useful. Luckily, my application aligned with a new idea Natalia had brewing to get more women like me involved in Pipeline Angels.

Natalia and I hopped on the phone and she shared her vision for extending her pipeline initiative to not just help women and non-binary femmes become angel investors, but also help women, non-binary people, and men of color become GPs at investment firms.

The road to GP is usually paved with a stint in angel investing and a demonstrated ability to bring quality LP leads to the table.

But these prerequisites to the job require one huge piece that many women and non-binary femmes lack → access to capital.

As a VC-in-Residence, her vision was that I would be given the opportunity to learn both. Through working on a team alongside angel investors, I would get to learn the ins — and — outs of the angel investment process, support their decisions on who to invest in and be a contributing member of their investment team. Through working with accredited investors, I would be able to build relationships with women and non-binary femmes who could be tomorrow’s LPs.

As Natalia put it: Pipeline Angels created the role of VC-in-Residence to inspire our members and broader network to help change the face of venture capital by becoming LPs in VC firms led by #morevoices.

I’m grateful for Natalia’s vision and even more grateful for Precursor Ventures’ sponsorship. Professional
development opportunities in venture capital are few and far between. I’m lucky to have found a crew that understands the importance of growth.

Interested in learning more? Check out Megan Rose Dickey’s feature about the VC-in-Residence role in TechCrunch.

Moms are an Underserved Market

In this week’s podcast, I chat with the CEO and Co-Founder of Supper Meals, Dan Shih. We talk about how Supper Meals helps moms, who often carry the heafty weight of the mental load of preparing dinner.

At a reasonable price, Supper Meals is a business that targets working families who can’t afford to make Postmates or UberEats routine.

Check out the episode below and let me know what you think!


I’m really excited to bring you this week’s episode of Be About It.

In this episode, I feature the CEO of Access Bazaar, Julian Rodriguez. I’m so excited that he took time from his busy schedule being in FastCo and running his company to teach me more about the large market he’s tackling – selling to bodegas.

Check it out below + let me know what you think!